Graspable Order of Operations

Note: this is really designed as a sample page for my fifth grade daughter to practice order of operations on. If you don’t have a fifth grader studying order of operations, you may not find this to be riveting information:

My daughter is studying order of operations right now, and I made her a page of problems in Graspable Math to solve, and thought I’d share them publicly, in case someone finds them useful someday.

If you don’t know Graspable Math, the big thing you should know is that it’s a dynamic software–it let’s you control the actions taken in an algebraic setting, but you don’t have to write them yourself. The program was written and conceived by Erik Weitnauer, Erin Ottmar, myself, and some other folks. It allows you to do actions that aren’t strictly PEMDAS, as long as the action yields the PEMDAS-approved answer, so YMMV, depending on your personal pedagogical goals. Here’s a video demonstrating the basics of this particular page:

And here’s the page itself:

And here’s her actual homework; she’ll use this to check her answers:

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