Monthly Archives: December 2013

Monsters for Christmas

My good friend JennyWrenFrankenstein (Lydia) and my son Sullivan love to draw monsters together.  Here are some pictures that Lydia made for Sullivan for Christmas.  Largely coincidentally, he drew a book of monsters for her for Christmas too.  I’ll post some of his later, but here are the ones Lydia drew. The title page features an illusion monster–Lydia’s drawn a series of these, and I find them particularly effective and unsettling, though in this set, "Sad Glad Mad" is probably my favorite.

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Grumbles about "Grade Inflation" reveal different perspectives on what grades signify

Slate’s Matthew Yglesias has a nice post on grade inflation at top universities.  He observes that because top colleges and universities have become much more selective, part of why grades are getting higher may be that better students are attending them.  One way to think about it is that the grades are exchangeable by university–that same student that got an A in a Harvard course would have gotten an A anywhere–it’s just that the student who would have gotten a B- in that Harvard course didn’t get into Harvard in the first place.

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